About Operation Black Tornado

We at Aero Armour salute our Operation Black Tornado Heroes. We wish to celebrate the Courage and Valour of our heros by presenting to you our Operation Black Tornado Collection.

Never Forget Never Forgive
All the marked places in the map except for for the Taj hotel were secured by the Mumbai police from the attackers . Taj hotel was cleared by MARCOS and NSG
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Black Tornado
NSG conducted Operation Black Tornado to flush out the attackers in Taj Hotel. Operation ended with the death of the remaining terrorists
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IL-76 Aircraft
The Ilyushin II -76 is a multipurpose fixed wing, four engine turbofan strateguc air lifter designed by the Soviet Union's Ilyushin design bureau
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The Il76 aircraft has been used to transport the 201 NSG commandos from Delhi to Mumbai to clear the terrorist attack of 26/11
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