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THE ROADMAP may - june - july 1999
THE BREACH 1999 05 03 Local shepherds in Kargil alert the Indian Army about Pakistani troops and militants in the region.
THE FATAL SEARCH 1999 05 05 {"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":"Indian Army jawans are sent to patrol the area. Five officers are captured by the Pakistani Army and are subsequently killed."}]},{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":""}]},{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":"Pakistan Army destroys Indian Army’s ammunition dumps in Kargil. "}]}]}
OP_VIJAY INITIATED 1999 05 10 Indian Army launches ‘Operation Vijay’. Pakistani army targeted Indian Army’s ammunition deposits in Kargil.
THE WOUNDED BIRD 1999 05 21 {"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":"On this day, a Canberra on a reconnaissance mission, while flying along the LoC in the Batalik sector, had been hit by enemy fire- this was IAF second atack after the MI17 helicopter sorties for airlifting of troops in the Kargil and Leh sectors for redeployment and for the evacuation of casualties. all these were just trialouts"}]},{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":""}]}]}
THE FORCES UNITE 1999 05 24 The three operations - Operation Vijay , Operation Safed Sagar and talwar was launched together.
DROP THEM DOWN 1999 05 26 The first air-to-ground strikes by fighter aircraft of the IAF were launched on 26 May 1999 as a part of Operation Safed Sagar in support of 15 corps.
EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! 1999 05 27 The IAF suffered a double loss during a mission in the Kargil War. A MiG-27 malfunctioned and forced pilot Flt Lt Nachiketa Rao to eject, leading to his capture by Pakistan. Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja, in a separate MiG-21, attempted to locate Rao but was tragically shot down by a missile and killed by his captors.
ANOTHER MARTYR 1999 05 28 {"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":"This day. A Mii 17 helicopter was shot down while attacking tololing feature."}]},{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":""}]}]}
THINGS GOING SOUTH 1999 06 01 {"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":"Pakistan begins shelling on National Highway-1 in Kashmir and Ladakh and Headquarters. 8 Mountain Division completely take over and Start of the military build-up happens."}]},{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":""}]}]}
PEAK RECAPTURED 1999 06 02 Mirage 2000 attcked and helped to recapture the top of tololing feature.
THE KARGIL THEATRE 1999 06 03 {"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":"8 Division assumes responsibility for part of the Kargil Theatre west of Thasgam."}]},{"type":"paragraph","content":[{"type":"text","text":""}]}]}
DIPLOMACY TO MILITARY 1999 06 12 As tensions rose along the Line of Control, diplomatic efforts stalled. Talks between the Indian and Pakistani Foreign Ministers reached a deadlock Meanwhile, the Indian Army bolstered its forces in the region. The 50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade, fresh from the Army reserves, arrived in Gumri and came under the command of 8 Division. This troop movement signaled a potential shift from diplomatic channels to military action.
POINT 4590 1999 06 13 2 Rajputana rifles and 56 Brigade recaptures Tololing feature and Point 4590.
THE HUMP 1999 06 14 On this day, The MIGHTY Indian Forces DEFEATS THE FOES & take CONTROL OF the ‘Hump’.
THE US INTERVENTION 1999 06 15 A very important meeting happened this day, United States President Bill Clinton urges Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to withdraw from the war.
RECON_5140 1999 06 18 Detailed reconnaisance at point 5140 by 13jak rifles was carried out- due to large scale size of objective, 18 garhwals from east, 1 naga from southwest and 13 jak from south was started.
DRAS REGAINED 1999 06 20 56 Brigade takes Point 5140 (Dras)
BATALIC RECLAIMED 1999 06 21 Indian army recaptured point 5203 - batalik sector.
RECAPTURED BLACK TOOTH 1999 06 22 1 naga finally recaptures black tooth.