About our Kargil collection

We at Aero Armour salute our Kargil warriors. We wish to celebrate the Courage and Valour of our heros by presenting to you our Kargil Collection.

The MIG-21 can operate in small places with limited impact, which was essential in the Kargil terrain. The MIG-21's primary purpose in design was air interception, with ground attack as a secondary function.
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Mirage 2000
The Mirage 2000 aircraft played a significant role in the combat fought on Kargil's ice heights during the conflict's nearly three-month duration as they assaulted enemy objectives tented up at Tiger Hill.
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The Route to success
Kargil is traversed by Indian National Highway 1, which runs from Srinagar to Leh. The sole route between Srinagar and Leh is a 160-kilometer (100 mi) long length of ridges that served as the scene of the infiltration and battle.
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Between May and July 1999, India and Pakistan engaged in combat in the Kargil area of Kashmir and near the Line of Control (LOC). As part of Operation Vijay, the Indian Army drove out invaders from Pakistan during the conflict and was successful in retaking Tiger Hill and other outposts.
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The ham-fistedly named Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) was the assault rifle that can fire 600-650 rounds in a minute with an effective range of 400 metres. Capable of firing a 20-round-magazine, the rifle is easy to assemble and dismantle, and has a multi-purpose bayonet.
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Bofors Gun
Bofor guns played a magnificant role in the Kargil war The bunkers and bases erected on high altitude mountains were easily destroyed by the Bofors artillery during the Kargil war of 1999, and the intruders sustained significant damage as a result.
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